Mail Services is Open and Functioning Normally 

Mail Services has resumed normal, pre-pandemic operations. The Mail Services team is available to assist with all your department mailing, packaging and shipping essentials. Visit Mail Services for more information.

(*The University's Print Services Department closed, effective February 7, 2021. Learn more by visiting the Print Resources webpage or download the job aid.

** Copy paper ordering has changed. Departments will now order copy paper through W.B. Mason.



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OpScan Services - New & Improved!



While most of the new processes will take place during the scoring process by the OpScan Services staff, there are a few very important changes for the end-user(s):

  • Whitmore is no longer a drop-off location. The new drop-off location is in the Mail Services building located at 120 Tillson Farm Road.
  • Exam results files will be delivered to a secure OneDrive folder. The files themselves will no longer be emailed. A notification email will be sent to the professor when the files have been delivered to the OneDrive folder.
  • For security purposes, exam results will only be delivered to the professor’s OneDrive folder. The professor will be responsible for dissemination to their authorized teaching staff.
  • The job ticket has changed. Please digitally fill it in, print it and include it with your exam package. This will drastically reduce readability errors. If you still have printed copies left over from the previous year, please discard them.

OpScan test forms will now be brought to the Mail Services Office located at 120 Tillson Farm Road between the hours of 9:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Please remember, Whitmore is no longer a drop-off location.



Before you drop off your exam(s), please be sure that you have done the following for EACH exam being submitted:

  • Completed a job ticket.
  • Completed a Test Header Sheet.
  • Completed a Test Answer Key, clearly marked with the test/version name.
  • Verified that all Student Answer Sheets are face up and oriented in the same direction. (The easiest way is to align the notches at the top.).

In an effort to provide the quickest turnaround possible, the test package(s) must be complete prior to being dropped off for scoring. Failure to adhere to the above instructions will result in delays in processing and may include holding the package(s) aside, unscored, until the missing information is provided or errors have been corrected. 



Once scoring is complete, your results will now be transferred to a secure University OneDrive folder. You will receive notification via email once the results are ready for retrieval. 

The scoring results will now consist of three reporting files:

  • Batch Results - All 5 pdf reports will be merged into this one pdf file.
  • Full Export - Student response excel file.
  • Grades_LMS - A csv file containing the grade results for import into the Learning Management System. (Currently Moodle)

The paper original files will be returned in a tamper-evident sealed envelope to the staffed address provided on the job ticket. (Results will not be left at an unstaffed office or bin.)



  • Use #2 pencils only. Ink is not permitted.
  • Do not bend, fold, rip or fold up any of the sheets to be scanned as they may jam the scanner. Damaged sheets that do not scan will be returned to the instructor to be scored by hand. 
  • Students should fill in the bubbles dark and complete. Light marking or use of checkmarks, x's, etc have a high probability of being missed during scanning. 
  • Make sure no erasure marks are left on the sheet. They could be misread as a response by the scanner.
  • Do not include paper clips, staples or rubber bands with your packet.
  • Do not include any blank sheets as it could skew the test statistics.


For more detailed information, please visit the new OpScan webpage. You can also download the OpScan 2021 Presentation outlining the process. 

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Hours of Operation
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